Marketplace to Sell NFT Collections

Marketplace to Sell NFT Collections

Role: Frontend Developer

Year: 2022

This is a marketplace application designed to sell NFT collections. This Whitelabel application offers a customizable solution that supports different themes, allowing clients to tailor the platform to match their brand identity.

Key Features and Functionalities

  • Exclusive NFT Collections: Users gain access to exclusive NFT collections by subscribing to specific collections, offering a unique and curated experience.
  • Traditional Payment Options: Users can purchase NFTs using regular payment methods like credit cards, eliminating the need for cryptocurrency in their wallets.
  • Crypto Wallet Integration: While no cryptocurrency is required for payment, users must have a crypto wallet to securely hold the purchased NFTs and sell them on any other platform.
  • Individual and Box Sales: Users have the flexibility to buy individual NFT units or a box of NFTs, enabling diverse purchasing options.
  • Dynamic Content Unveiling: The box’s content remains a mystery until it is opened. Once revealed, the NFTs are minted and seamlessly sent to the owner's wallet.

Frontend Development and Design

Collaborating closely with our talented design team, we transformed creative concepts into a captivating user interface. Using Figma, a powerful design tool, we ensured a seamless integration between design and development, resulting in a visually stunning and user-friendly marketplace experience. For the frontend development, we utilized a powerful stack including React, TypeScript, Styled Components, and Redux. These modern technologies ensured a smooth and visually appealing user interface. Leveraging environment variables and name extensions, we seamlessly rendered specific themes and content, offering a cohesive and customized experience for each client. To streamline development and enhance maintainability, we employed Storybook, a tool that efficiently documented and provided valuable context for components. Following the atomic design approach, we divided the user interface into reusable components, promoting scalability and ease of maintenance. Ensuring code quality and reliability, every component underwent comprehensive unit testing. We employed snapshots for smaller components, such as atoms, allowing efficient and reliable testing.

Backend Technologies and Integration

The backend of the marketplace application was built using Node.js and C#, providing a robust and scalable foundation. We integrated Vendure, a flexible and customizable e-commerce solution, and Stripe for secure payment management and processing. To leverage the power of blockchain technology, we employed Solidity to build smart contracts, facilitating the creation and management of NFTs within the marketplace.

Project Management and Collaboration

Throughout the project, we maintained a flexible project management methodology, employing Scrum as the underlying structure. Jira served as our chosen project management solution, enabling effective monitoring of tasks, fostering team collaboration, and facilitating progress tracking. Furthermore, GitHub functioned as the version control system, guaranteeing smooth code collaboration and systematic versioning. In partnership with our design team, we harmonized with the stakeholders to integrate their vision into the user interface of the application. Figma, a potent design tool, streamlined cooperation and secured a unified and aesthetically gratifying design execution.

Marketplace to Sell NFT Collections


In summary, the Marketplace to Sell NFT Collections is a dynamic and customizable platform enabling exclusive NFT collections to be sold and distributed. With close collaboration between the frontend development and design teams, we successfully transformed creative concepts into a visually stunning user interface. I am happy that I have contributed as a frontend developer to this innovative project, employing robust testing, atomic design principles, and a meticulous development workflow. ㎰This application is not online and images are only for ilustration.